“Our phones make us more productive while we wait, and yet we don’t ever want to wait.”

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Last week’s interview with Rolf & Hanauer got me thinking about how the on-demand economy owns worker’s reputations–and what that might mean.

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Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“Our phones make us more productive while we wait, and yet we don’t ever want to wait.” Om Malik, on the fight against Uber.

A car-sharing non-profit in Buffalo, NY that served lots of low-income folks and people of color, is being forced to shut down after their insurance was canceled.

Will a “thinner” on-demand economy help us build a more equal distribution of income? This venture capitalist says yes.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Ello, committed to delivering an ad-free social network where users control their privacy, just put out a bill of rights.

Organizing Theory

“We need a stakeholder, rather than a shareholder, model.” US Labor Secretary Tom Perez, on the need to build conscious capitalism.

Geeking Out

Bree Newsome is a hero, IMO.

“In the lingo of the economist the 10 commandments talk about property rights.” Two bots start a conversation, and it gets weird, pretty quickly.

From Partners

SEIU 32BJ is working with cleaners at the largest co-working space owner in New York City, to demand that they be treated with respect.

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

Some on-demand companies don’t train their drivers very well. Cue on-demand training, developed by drivers.

The New Yorker’s James Suriewicki chimes in on the “we need a third type of employment law for the on-demand economy” meme.

Daimler has rolled out a self-driving long-haul tractor trailer that is now licensed for road tests.

On-demand company Shyp has just converted all its couriers to W-2

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