Speech recognition may also require lip reading.

week 10 2015

Geeking Out
It turns out, speech recognition software might also need to learn to lip read. Or throat read.
Do you have an idea for an app that could help families that earn less than $25,000 per year? If so, you might want to apply for this fellowship.
What’s Going on in the Workforce?
The AP, which started out using a software program to write financial stories, is moving to use software to write about college sports too.
Some ride-sharing service drivers are crossing over to use multiple platforms. And they’re at least coming closer to gaming the system in a way that maximizes their earnings.
Organizing Theory
Greenpeace takes a look at one month’s worth of digital engagement, and posits some theories about what worked.
From Partners
In reaction to the FCC’s recent decision on net neutrality, some cities might begin building their own wireless infrastructure. Before they do, they should read up on how Philly’s effort to do so failed (10 years ahead of its time? That’s my city!). h/t to Hannah Sassaman, for that one.

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