“It did not take technology to spur the on-demand economy. It took masses of poor people.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce?
“It did not take technology to spur the on-demand economy. It took masses of poor people.” Even before the internet!
For millennials in the workforce, technology’s changes are very real. There is a “…mismatch between educational outcomes and workforce demands.” This new report finds that some millennials will be at a serious disadvantage in the new economy.
Amazing report from the Knight Foundation on media coverage of net neutrality. Upshot? Majority of voices on the debate were male & urban. Someone should organize some suburban & rural women to speak out about this…maybe as a workers’ rights issue.
From Partners
I mean, I know you want to do a presentation on cyborgs…or is that just me? If you’re theorizing about the web & work, Theorizing the Web might just be the conference for you—April, NYC.
Organizing Theory
While this article is about diversity in tech, I would argue it is not irrelevant for those of us who work in politics. Or the labor movement.
“In a new power framework, the heroes of social change will not be institutionalized professional organizers or long-standing dynamic leaders, but rather the people who decide in the face of their personal tragedies to seize their most vulnerable moment, publicly, and demand changes that will impact us all.” If we’ve learned nothing else in 2014, let us learn this.
Geeking Out
Open source robot? Why yes thanks, I will.
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
How can co-ops find allies in an effort to build a more democratic economy?
DC’s Community Purchasing Alliance uses cooperation to save money for its member organizations—mostly non-profits—and promote vendors that are environmentally & economically sustainable.
Want to make sure that your city’s bike share program is open & accessible to all communities? Why not encourage doctors to prescribe bike share memberships?
Final Thoughts
Here’s to a more economically just 2015…

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