“That’s not how capitalism works.”

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Douglas Williams had some thoughts this week about the proposal by labor lawyer Ben Sachs on setting up German-style works councils in US companies.
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Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
“I don’t need to make any more (money)…That’s not how capitalism works.” Take a look inside the minds of various gentrifiers.
Here’s a deep dive on how the sharing economy, which has already disrupted so much in the B2C (business to consumer) universe, is poised to do the same thing in the B2B world.
How Venezuala has promoted—and sometimes failed to support—worker-owned co-ops.
Your suitcase might be the next possession the sharing economy seeks to monetize.
Organizing Theory
Interested in reducing corporate pay inequity between C-suite executives and front-line workers? Check out what these states are doing.
From Partners
The Young Worker Media Project has launched an effort on social media to show how millennials are fighting back on the job.
Peers is splitting their business into a foundation and a B Corp, to have more impact on promoting the sharing economy.
What’s Going on in the Workforce?
Venture capitalist Bill Davidow posits that at the current rate of development, machines could be smarter than the average American by 2025—and wonders what we’re going to do about work, when robots become cheaper and smarter than humans.
I want a minimum of 25 days off a year, and someone to make me take them without checking email
A night in the life of an Uber/Lyft driver.
“In America’s ‘future of work,’ youths’ ability to hustle might be their primary survival asset and new work identity.” On the sharing economy and its historical grounding in workless communities of color.
Reputation, reputation, reputation
How Facebook can track purchases you made offline or on other sites—and report back about your responsiveness to advertisers.

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