“A platform helping with self-employment shouldn’t be owned by the 1%.”

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Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“A platform helping with self-employment shouldn’t be owned by the 1 percent.” How some sharing economy start-ups are becoming co-ops, to ensure that they won’t lose their way.

You want a cartoon explaining problems with the sharing economy? Here you go.

“…unchecked market fundamentalism can devour the social capital essential for the long-term dynamism of capitalism itself.” Translation? Even bankers are starting to worry about economic inequality. At least, British bankers are. Well, maybe only one British banker. Still, it’s something.

Jack Conte, 1/2 of YouTube sensation Pomplamousse, talks about sustainability as a music creator, and why that led him to create Patreon. Long video, but super-interesting.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

“These big collections of personal data are like radioactive waste. It’s easy to generate, easy to store in the short term, incredibly toxic, and almost impossible to dispose of.” I really wish I had been at this talk

Facial recognition will be good for your business. If what your business needs the most is to recognize people on various watch lists…

Geeking Out

These are the de rigeur yearly internet stats you didn’t know existed.

“…you get a lot more Neros than you get Claudiuses…” Jaron Lanier on how we really need to figure out how to grow the middle class.

Organizing Theory

Google Ventures has to make group decisions in a hurry—here’s the process they use.

Iceland has made great strides in reforming their democracy, in the wake of the worldwide recession. Notably, they jailed some bankers and resisted austerity. Read more about the tactics and techniques they used here.

What’s Going On in the Workforce?

Last month, the International Trade Union Confederation released a report on the world’s worst countries for workers.  With salaries like these? The US has gotta be pretty high on that list. Walmart Moms are going on strike for a better way & better pay.

“When I take the kinds of technological progress that I’ve seen recently and take them forward for two-plus generations, it honestly feels to me like we’ll be in a science fiction economy at that point.” Robots are coming, folks. Really.

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