“What if the inventory could walk and talk?”

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Douglas Williams took a look at labor’s apps…or lack of them…in this new piece, “Organizing An App for That: Labor’s Absence From the App Store.”

What’s Going On in the Workforce?

“What if the inventory could walk and talk?” Amazon plans to have 10,000 robots helping pack shipments in their warehouses. By the end of this year.  

Uber drivers in Seattle are organizing with the Teamsters—not as a traditional union, but for mutual solidarity.

It’s not bad enough that corporations are considered people in the US—this Hong Kong company just appointed an AI to its board of directors. I guess it’s only a matter of time before political contributions from cyborgs become legal?

If we achieve more automation in manufacturing, what will that mean for developing countries’ ability to build wealth? (or should I say, for workers in developing countries? I would, but I don’t think they’re generally the ones building the wealth.)

Geeking Out

“We are able to turn the physical world into a virtual world.” How Google is ‘crawling’ the streets of Silicon Valley to build a program for self-driving cars.

Organizing Theory

Are you looking for a place to find academic research on social and activist movements? This one doesn’t quite get there for me, but it’s a good start.

From Partners

Friend’o’the’blog Jason Gooljar pointed out to me that SEIU sent out an email using the ‘tel’ html code last week. Wanna ask folks to make a phone call in your next email? Here’s how.

Australian union organizer Godfrey Moase wants to build a website to help people figure out if a general strike is feasible, in their region.

Are you a young worker in the US? Join the Young Worker Media Project’s tweet chat to talk about how work defines (or doesn’t define) young workers’ lives.  Wed., 4/28, starting at 8 pm eastern. Use the hashtag #risengrind, and follow @youngworkflo for more info.

Sharing,  Solidarity, & Sustainability 

“We need more cultural celebration of missionaries vs. mercenaries.” A provocative speech by Justin Rosenstein made TechCrunch ask “what can tech do better to help change the world?

Can we replace money through a Twitter hashtag? This guy gave it a shot, with #punkmoney.

As the world contains more and more people, we’ve got to get better at not wasting food. Here are some entrepreneurs, working to solve basic food-delivery logistics problems.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

“The power is where the data isn’t.” If our new world is all about data, can we use it to upend old power structures?

I will not like the Internet of Things, if it just turns out to be another way to bring advertising into my house.

The Russian underground isn’t just a place to buy and sell personal data…it’s also a place to buy software that allows you to steal data.

And while we’re on the topic of data (ok, I’m always on that topic)—is education technology data-mining your kids?

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