the fight against surveillance heads to higher ed

Reputation, reputation, reputation

“We don’t trust our campus administration with the safe handling of this data, and even if we did, hackers or governments might force them to share this information, making students more unsafe.” Student groups are partnering with Fight for the Future to fight against the use of facial recognition technology by higher ed institutions. 

Is Airbnb using social monitoring software to decide whether or not you’re a psychopath

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Today in “everything old is new again”—have you thought about renting a couch, instead of buying it outright? 

Indian trade unions just conducted one of the biggest strikes of all time, in response to Modi’s efforts to defang them.  And today, Indians are protesting Jeff Bezos in a speech there, while the Indian government investigates Amazon & Walmart for anti-competitive practices. 

From Partners

h/t to our friends at coworker. org, who put out this guide to supporting retail workers over the holidays. 

Raising the minimum wage by $1/hour results in fewer Americans committing suicide. It’s science. 

CWA has launched an effort to organize video game developers

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Cigna just became the first big US health insurance company to roll out access to primary care through telemedicine. Paging all health care regulators—the laws are not up to the technology, at the moment. 

In its continued fight against AB 5 compliance, Uber rolled out changes to the app on both the driver side and customer side, which are designed to give both sides more information about transactions (and ultimately to protect the company from claims of misclassification). 

The NY Times took a really excellent look at the impact of automation & app-based work on hospitality workers. 

Geeking Out

They may have taken our jobs, but now they’re losing theirs! Bay Area firms “lay off” robots. 

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