“…human carers will become a premium, reserved for those who can pay for human empathy and touch.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“In an effort to robotize nursery homes, human carers will become a premium, reserved for those who can pay for human empathy and touch.” A look at the programming of care-bots. 

The California legislature has been debating the status of gig workers—particularly app-based ones—through AB 5. For a good explainer of the bill, and the discontent among driver organizers about some of the labor politics involved, read this Vox piece.  And CalMatters takes a look at what other kinds of workers might be covered as employees, if AB 5 passes. 

Amazon warehouse workers in Minneapolis are planning to strike next week, on Prime Day. 

Geeking Out

Why does the world need a bowling robot? Why not, I guess. 

Organizing Theory

“The more hosts you recruit, the more likely it is that each potential attendee will find an event near them.” Nathan Woodhull walks through how to set up a mobilization of hundreds (or thousands) of small events, through online organizing. 

A small investment by companies can make employees—and customers—more likely to vote

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The Times takes a look at algorithmic management

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Still trying to convince funders to support your census education and outreach? Check out this map of the hardest-to-count census tracts, which may help them understand exactly why your organization is prioritizing it. 

In case you missed it, Wayfair employees walked out in late June, to protest their company’s sales of furniture to ICE, to furnish detention centers. Damn, just when I was looking for a new vanity!

From Partners

The MIC Center, a new collaboration between Rutgers & Penn, just released a report from its two day conference in Philly about the Platform Economy & the Future of the City. 

And a new study by two Berkeley economists finds that raising the federal minimum wage to $15/hour would likely not result in major job losses


Are you coming to Netroots Nation? I’m moderating a panel about the work that Philly alt-labor activists have been doing to increase enforcement of local labor laws, in the city. Saturday, 2:15 pm, Rm. 116. Join us!

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