So how’s that IPO working out for ya?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The City of Chicago just released ride-share data on rides, drivers and cars in the city (de-identified, to protect rider & driver privacy).  Fascinating stuff—with just a couple of clicks, you can see that the vast majority of fares are $10 or less, with over a quarter of all trips at $5 or less No wonder drivers were striking last week!  (Some studies have found that ride-share drivers only keep around 1/3 of the fare per ride.) If you haven’t had enough schadenfreude in your life lately, check out this article about the first two days of Uber as a publicly-traded company. 

Want to fix America’s retirement crisis? Step one: Pay workers more

“When Americans think about fixing gender equality, they tend to direct their ire on the workplace.” The Atlantic takes a look at what happens at home when heterosexual wives out-earn their husbands—and how sexism in a marriage reinforces sexism in the workplace. 

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot Kids is recording your children—and it’s not clear how they’re using those recordings, or how long they are saving them for. 

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“America’s labor ladder has a new bottom rung…” Axios takes a not-so-deep look at the top-line issues of the gig economy. 

Steve Greenhouse takes the opportunity offered by Delta’s anti-union gaffes last week to run down the many ways that companies fight unionization (and the amounts they spend doing it). 

The Perils of Trumpism

Unions have reduced ULP filings since the Trump Administration took over the NLRB, citing fears of bad precedent-setting decisions. 

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