“They’re monitored and supervised by robots.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“They’re monitored and supervised by robots.” How Amazon is using data to fire up to 10% of its warehouse workforce each year, for failing to make steep productivity goals.  And in Utah, they’ve just opened a warehouse with more robots than people

“75% of the drivers in this study said that they had never had a drink or meal with anyone else who had ever driven for Uber.”   Georgetown’s Katie Wells & her team interviewed 40 TNC drivers in DC. Check out what they found, and why she coined the term “slippery wages,” in this new report that clearly demonstrates the need for more organizing in the ride-share workforce. 

“Going on strike is a right in the French constitution, just like the freedom of speech. There was a national yellow vest movement, my client wanted to take part in it. Is he supposed to stay silent on that national movement just because he’s an Amazon employee?” How Amazon workers in France are fighting to stop the company’s expansion

Before you laugh off the efforts of Instagrammers to unionize, remember this: “Memers aren’t direct employees of these tech platforms, nor are they independent contractors for them. But they produce, directly or indirectly, the bulk of these platforms’ income.” 

Organizing Theory

If you teach teenagers how ads are lying to them, it helps them make better choices about eating. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Colorado is leading the nation on expanding employee ownership

“Being saddled with any form of debt is exhausting, but student-loan debt is its own beast.” Four young Americans talk about their struggles with student debt

“With each beverage-less order, restaurants sacrifice a lucrative piece of their business.” How the ease of home delivery is changing the restaurant business

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