“A working class hero is something to be.”

In Memoriam

It’s been a hell of a week in America, but the thing that has me personally reeling the most is the news that my friend and longtime coworker Cathy Brady passed away unexpectedly at the end of last week. Cathy was one of the most bad-ass organizers I ever knew, a working class hero who broke boundaries for women in at least three industries. Juliana Reyes from the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a beautiful piece about her work, including her fight to build America’s first labor monument, in Southwest Philly. Read it here, and then, if you have some scratch, kick down a few bucks for Cathy’s memorial.

A correction from last week’s newsletter—the local president who wrote that great piece about ICE boarding Greyhound was from the ATU, not the TWU.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Uber is giving money & rides to non-profits. Nice idea, too bad it took them so long to come up with it.

“Hopefully we’re the OutKast of black tech.” On building a Black tech incubation community in Atlanta.

A new study out of Vanderbilt shows that union women are more likely than non-union women to take maternity leave.

Organizing Theory

So you want to run an artist-led space for programming? Read this first.

Geeking Out

The “Gabbie” chat bot helps Filipino victims of sexual harassment or violence understand their rights and take action against their harassers.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

If a restaurant doesn’t serve customers food in their actual restaurant, is it actually a restaurant? I’ve recently heard these called “ghost kitchens” but that name doesn’t really work for me, either. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-24/uber-s-secret-empire-of-virtual-restaurants

Being a poultry processor is about to get worse, as the Trump Administration relaxes safety rules. Because being a poultry worker was such an incredibly safe job, before. http://www.foodandpower.net/2018/10/25/workers-fear-injury-as-administration-clears-way-for-faster-chicken-slaughter/

So many Uber strikes & actions.

The Perils of Trumpism

I really want to make a joke about how you need human intelligence, to be able to appreciate artificial intelligence, and that’s why the Trump Administration is losing the AI war to China. But it’ll make me sad, so maybe I’ll just go text some more voters instead.

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