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What’s Going on in the Workforce

Repeat after me: “Any time someone’s boss asks me to rate them (especially using software), I will give them five stars unless I literally feared for my safety.” Caroline O’Donovan has a devastating look at how restaurant iPads are getting servers fired, and enabling discrimination.

Amazon workers in the EU have announced a general strike at Amazon in the second week of July, hoping to maximize their impact by hitting the company’s Prime Day sales.

Care workers in New Zealand just won massive pay increases from the government, based on the fact that women’s work has historically been undervalued.

The Century Foundation takes a deeper look at the new Contingent Work Survey data.

Robot chef cooks hamburgers in San Francisco fast food place.

Geeking Out

I’m not going to lie—this video of robots packing grocery orders looks like it would make a video game that I’d be obsessed by for about a week.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The ACLU is continuing to demand that Amazon stop selling facial recognition software to police departments and other law enforcement agencies, given the extreme racial inequity in American policing. And Amazon employees have weighed in with the company too.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Founder of the now-defunct Josephine (a service for home-based cooks to sell food) is looking for input on a piece of legislation designed to legalize home-based cooks, including input on how to protect workers’ rights.

Uber is pushing drivers to adopt cleaner vehicles, by offering unspecified financial bonuses & some in-app features specific to those with electric cars.

From Partners

I’m curious about this new push to organize for racial equity at the local level in cities across the US, through policy work. Anyone out there involved in this?

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