“…the American Chopper meme has altered the way my brain works…”

Organizing Theory
“Preferential” memes like the American Chopper can certainly be used by campaigns and organizers—how have they taken over certain subsets of the internet?

When you’re working with humans, you are invariably dealing with some kind of trauma. Is your organization thinking about how staff might be triggered?


Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Crowdfunding to deal with housing and health care emergencies can reinforce privilege bias, as people with digital and story-telling skills tend to do better at it.

Reputation, reputation, reputation
After watching the Facebook Senate hearings, Cathy O’Neil is proposing a Data Bill of Rights.

From Partners
The National Bail Out collective has released a toolkit to teach organizations how to set up a bail fund—and support the recently bailed-out—in cities across the US. https://nomoremoneybail.org/#top

Geeking Out
Want to learn more about using encrypted messaging systems to protect your organizing? Check out this piece.


What’s Going on in the Workforce
Uber says they worked with drivers to redesign the driver side of the app, which rolled out in two cities last week.
A Danish union has signed the first-ever collective bargaining agreement with a platform company, including a guarantee of a minimum payment of 19 euros per hour (about $23.41).
The San Francisco Federal Reserve just did a study that shows companies’ reliance on part-time and temporary labor is not receding, post-recession.

The 2018 Worker Cooperative National Conference will be held on Sept. 14-16 in LA.
Opportunity Agenda is having a webinar on developing Future over Fear narratives.

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