What are we teaching our kids about how to stand up at work?

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The March for Our Lives, the Fight for 15, and the Fair Workweek campaign has given me some thoughts about teaching teenagers their rights on the job.
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Organizing Theory
“I am concerned for a number of reasons about unions relying on a message about the need for law reform, as we currently are, to support a narrow political mobilisation strategy.” As true in the US as it is in Australia. Read this important paper from Tim Lyons on his thinking about what Australian unions should do to revitalize their movement—and think about what it means for us in the States. (My particular favorite? “Stop what doesn’t work.”)
Read past the “gee whillikers, the kids are alright!” tone & soak in the detailed overview of how a modern-day cadre organization gets things done, in the form of March for Our Lives organizing.
Reputation, reputation, reputation
Will your insincere apology someday keep you from buying a train ticket in China?
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
In the evidentiary hearing for “corporate subsidies are terrible public policy,” this should come first.
Thousands of Uber drivers in India went on strike last week, demanding that the company guarantee them the level of pay they signed up for when they were recruited.
You will have a hard time forgetting these images of thousands of unused ride-sharing bikes, in China.
The Lens does an in-depth analysis of New Orleans’ Airbnb law, which has been hailed as a national model. Should it?
From Partners
Coworker.org’s Jess Kutch & Michelle Miller on changes to Slack’s privacy policy—and what that might mean for as workers self-organize through Slack.
Geeking Out
ProPublica goes into great detail about how they sourced a story about age discrimination at IBM.
What’s Going on in the Workforce
Hey Amazon, what’s up with your only hiring virtual customer service associates in certain states? I wonder if my friends at NELP can tell me what these states have in common…
Workers at digital organizing firm Revolution Messaging have organized with CWA.
Remember when Handy wanted to partner with labor organizations to pass its bill that gave them safe harbor from misclassification lawsuits & provided a tiny amount of benefits? Well now they’re passing the safe harbor, but none of the benefits, in some states.
Thanks to HtU reader Jay Youngdahl for inviting me to speak to your class at CUNY last night–I had a great time talking with your students!

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