What’s in a name?

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Last week, I interviewed David Jay, the creator of Nametag, a service for connecting online communities in spaces that allow for challenging conversations to happen with peace and love.
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Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Last year, Ikea bought Task Rabbit—now they’ve announced an integrated service to put your furniture-spelled-with-an-å together.
What’s next in green transportation? Battery-powered boats.
Uber will now be sharing anonymized data about how and when users move around London with city planners.
Geeking Out
If you’re an old like me, you may have missed the snap map of all the school walkouts that happened last week.
From Partners
Confused by the news about Cambridge Analytica’s use of FB personality quizzes and memes to influence the US election in 2016? Check out Ben Werdmuller’s explainer.
What’s Going on in the Workforce
Restaurant industry cloaks its fear that workers are talking to each other about organizing by instructing employers to protect employee privacy by not sharing contact info.
Delivery service and other gig workers commonly use private chat groups to exchange work tips and organize for better pay and benefits. Now Australian food delivery service, Foodora, has fired a courier for refusing to turn over control of a private chat room.
OSF points out the need to protect freelance journalists—not just economically, but to ensure their physical safety as well.
After what appears to be the first recorded self-driving car fatality this weekend in AZ, Uber has suspended tests of their pilot.
Organizing Theory
h/t to Teen Vogue for explaining what a union is to their readers.

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