The new company store?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Despite the fact that many workers in their warehouses rely on them, Amazon has decided not to accept food stamps, in their cashier-less Amazon Go stores. I guess the company store doesn’t sell to workers anymore?

In an interesting turn of events, David Rolf (SEIU 775) and Nick Hanauer (Civic Partners) have signed an open letter about portable benefits with the new CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshani.

Oregon voters overwhelmingly approved a tax to support the state’s Medicaid expansion program, in the wake of federal budget instability.

We’re now up to 750 communities in the US that have built their own internet networks. Somehow, that second Comcast tower keeps rising over Philly, though…

From Partners

I’ve heard from a couple of folks about their interest in using Voter Circle’s free (to groups with lists of 10K or less) tool for matching voter file data onto social networks. How are you planning to use it?

Geeking Out

End the carceral state, but on the way there, use technology to avoid excessive arrests, per this example out of NYC.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

I mean, how could I pass by an article titled, “I am a roboticist in a cheese factory?”

It’s great to see that some startups are giving equity to freelancers that help build their platform. It’ll be even better when they give equity to the independent contractors that help execute the work in the world.

German workers are fighting for the 28-hour workweek. Here’s how industry sees that effort.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

ICE is going to be able to track license plates all across the country, through a network of camera-equipped police cars, and readers on bridges or toll booths, going back at least five years.

Organizing Theory

Great piece by Kaytee Ray-Riek on how to create an organization that supports a diverse staff team.

Replace “the Democratic Party” with any effort to build mass political power, in this article, and it’s a pretty good read about the importance of digital grassroots organizing.

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