Now, with 100% more infographic!

The final installment in the expanding the map series—this handy infographic!  Also, new on the directory this week—state labor federations.
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Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Is a social wealth fund the way to finance universal basic income, and cushion humans from job loss due to automation?  And on the topic of UBI, did you know Dolly Parton gave a cash infusion  to recent disaster victims?

Here’s a take I haven’t seen before, about Amazon’s HQ2—will they look for a city that has worked to close the gender wage gap?

From Partners

The Workers’ Lab has just opened their applications process for 2018.

Theorizing the Web has opened registration and is seeking presenters for their 2018 conference.

The Economic Opportunity Institute in Washington has put out a case study of how they won paid family and medical leave.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

I did not know, before reading this report, that “worker” and “employee” were different legal classes in British employment law. Check out this new report by Parliament, recommending changes that respond to the gig economy & the changing nature of work.

Robots are coming to fast food, says a writer at the Atlantic who admits she’d rather not have to talk to a person when picking up her coffee.

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