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As promised, here’s the second post about why expanding the map matters.

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Get on out to protest in favor of net neutrality this Thursday. Find your local protest here.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

AI seems to power a lot of services marketed to consumers, these days. But AI companies often use human labor (sometimes in the form of Amazon Mechanical Turkers) to work on projects—and that means your data may be exposed.

Worried that your name was used to make a fake comment to the FCC about Net Neutrality, but don’t want to pore through their website to find them? The NY Attorney General’s office has your back.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Getcher robot-farmed lettuce right here!

McKinsey Global takes an in-depth look at which jobs are likely to see a large percentage of their tasks automated in the next 12 years—and what that might mean for workers in those jobs now.

Disrupting the modeling industry to make it safer for models actually seems like a reasonable proposition.

The Perils of Trumpism

If you think employers should be able to steal tips from tipped workers, congrats! (You’re reading the wrong blog, though.) Everyone else, get your comments in to oppose this, from the Wage & Hour Division.

Geeking Out

Here’s an interesting piece of tech that’s currently being used to fight sexual assaults on college campuses—they’re seeking funding to expand to work inside industries, too.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The retirement of Baby Boomers is presenting a great opportunity for conversion to worker ownership of small businesses.

A powerful reminder, by Alicia Garza, that sexual harassment affects women in non-traditional workplaces too.  And another take on that topic by Bernice Yeung.  Finally, with a look at sexual harassment inside the labor movement, here’s Emily Paulin “Women trade unionists endure the same conditions as women workers and leaders across all forms of employment.”

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