When a robot gets to heaven…

Robot of the Week

The question of whether a robot can have a soul is as yet, unanswered. But this Protestant church did just roll out a robot priest, to celebrate the 500th year of the Reformation.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

This new report from Pew shows that, while 25% of Americans participate in the gig economy, only a small portion of them earn more than $500 per month doing so.

Organizing Theory

How one enterprising young journalist made a connection with readers using SMS.

From Partners

New York’s Civic Hall just announced an Organizer-in-Residence program. Applications are due on July 10th.

Geeking Out

Been wondering when your next local election is? This new app will help you figure it out.

The beginning of summer means the beginning of ice cream truck season. But it’s also the start of many kids’ lack of food, since they aren’t in school. Feeding America has combined these two facts to raise awareness of issues around childhood hunger in the US.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Welp. 2017 is not really Travis Kalanick’s year. It’s definitely looking up for Uber drivers, though. In other Uber news, Miami has apparently been fining drivers who don’t speak English $250.

Staten Island just got its first worker-owned coops, as domestic workers in the borough launched two new ones last week.

Great piece by Sarah Jaffe about the struggles of retail workers—and the various efforts to organize them, across the US.

Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) pens a surprisingly woke essay about sexual harassment in the VC/entrepreneur space.

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