What about…Wilmington?

What’s Going on in the Workforce

When you think about automation in the workforce, you probably think about Rust Belt cities. What about…Wilmington? Bloomberg takes a look at where US industries are buying the most robots, and why.

Four worker-owned cleaning service coops have joined forces to launch a new app to allow customers to schedule cleaning, along the lines of Task Rabbit, while creating more equity (cleaners keep much more of the money).

In expanding to Myanmar, Uber has announced they will only work with official taxi drivers—and their unions.

A good look at the various pieces of legislation around portable benefits in different states.

Geeking Out

The 76ers have launched an innovation & vc hub. Cue jump shot jokes here.

Time looks at the amount of income you need to feel happy, in different parts of the country. Not surprisingly, the highest price tags are in the mid-Atlantic and on the West Coast.

From Partners

Really thoughtful piece from friend-o’-the-blog Annette Bernhardt, on ideas for how worker advocates can react to technology, beyond just fighting for basic income.

The AFL-CIO just released a tool-kit for defending immigrant workers.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

You know we’ve reached peak sharing economy, when its got its own New Yorker profile.

The Freelancers’ Union had a fantastic event in New York yesterday, to celebrate the first day of the Freelance Isn’t Free law, and to announce the launch of their new app, to help freelancers fight wage theft.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

What’s a tech company to do, when they discover hate groups using their service?


In Chicago? Head to the New Economy Coalition’s event tomorrow night.

In NY or North Jersey? Check out the inaugural event of SkepTech next week.

The platform coop crew has announced the dates for this year’s conference.

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