The Barista Revolution

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I continue to be impressed by the work of the small but mighty team at—here’s how they empowered Starbucks baristas to push back on a scheduling disaster, last summer.

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The Perils of Trumpism

Trump’s cuts to the Department of Labor budget will—quelle surprise!—hit low-wage workers the hardest.


h/t to reader Hannah Sassaman for sending me this Philly event about the Robot City (Automation & Low Wage Workers).

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Well, no matter where you come down on the question of the Oxford Comma, there’s no doubt that these bosses wish their legislature had used one.

“Alexa, can you find me a job?” 250,000 retail workers have already lost their jobs, and about 12 million other retail positions are threatened by Amazon and other online shopping entities.

Meanwhile, in the actual Amazon, another industry has been revealed to be using slave labor.

Uber, predictably, is communicating in their app with Seattle drivers about how they don’t want them to join a union.

Two Australian unions have just negotiated a new contract that creates a direct hire policy for casual workers, pushing back against precarious work at Parmalat.

From Partners

Fight for the Future launches a funding strategy to kickstart lots of activist groups.

Friend-‘o-the-blog Beth Becker has teamed up with Organize 2.0 to host two weeklong Digital Organizing boot camps this summer—in New York and Denver.

Geeking Out

Two students have created a campaign to point out all the things in the US that have been made by refugees.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“The work ethic is a death sentence…” Looking for a basic overview of all the potential solutions to the changing nature of work? Look no further.

14% of community college students are homeless. Do better, America.

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