“Do you even own a paper map?”

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A website aimed at organizing more low-wage workers into unions launched last week—check out my post about it here.

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Geeking Out

Who wants to give me a travel grant to go to this conference? You know you want to read my take on Love & Sex with Robots…

“Do you even own a paper map?” How’s your disaster plan developing, for when a global crisis makes your cell phone stop working? (PS-I own several paper maps, but they’re all of Pennsylvania. Do I need others?)

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

How 10 US cities have created policies to help the development of worker-owned coops (if you’re in Philly, there’s a City Council hearing about this Monday—let’s be #11!). And an in-depth look at one newly-formed NYC coop.

Advocates in NYC are worried that the city might be moving to formalize a relationship with ride-sharing companies, in a way that will disadvantage wheelchair-bound customers.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Police in Ferguson and Baltimore have used social media to track and spy on Black Lives Matter organizers.

Organizing Theory

From, of all places, Bill Moyers—a good look at what makes an online petition effective.

From Partners

Fascinating presentation, from the ILO’s Valerio De Stefano, that looks back at the legal theory behind centuries of workers’ rights organizing, and updates it for the platform work of today.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

A founder talks about why he’s turning his consulting company over to worker-ownership, and how they’re structuring a global worker-owned company.

How is Juno pulling drivers away from Uber & Lyft? Well for one, they’ve got a 24-hour line that gets answered by a human, for drivers to call.

Instacart has reversed their decision to remove in-app tipping. I guess the outcry from both customers and shoppers worked!

Uber bought a self-driving truck company earlier this year—now they’re saying they’ll have some elements of self-driving trucking in 2017.

How will “smart manufacturing” impact global supply chains?

A Japanese ad agency has been raided by labor inspectors, after a worker committed suicide that was attributed to overwork.

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