“…online communities…are often the most valuable thing a creator has…”

Organizing Theory

As a follow up to my post on building governance systems for platform unions, read this piece by Hank Green on why he’s decided to treat the commenters in his comment section like he would any guest in his home (including not inviting back people who say racist shit).

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

This is a pretty thought-inspiring list of 50 questions about the future of work (though it could also just be “the future”).

I suspect that Tide just created the first set of ads by a non-sharing economy company that reference the sharing economy. Am I wrong?

From Partners

Is your employer giving you paid time off to vote (or closing for the day)? Let the folks at Free the Vote know about it.

Geeking Out

Shoe-making robots, welcome to Germany. Next up, Atlanta!

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Last week, Etsy entered into the portable benefits/need for a new social contract with this paper that explores a variety of changes that will create more financial stability for independent workers.

Isn’t a “gig consultant” just a consultant?

The OECD warns us all not to be pessimistic—only 9% of jobs will be lost to automation, not half.

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