Prison strike, pizza-making robots, and more.

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Here’s the second in my three-part series about designing platform unions.

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What’s Going on in the Workforce

Pizzas made by robots are coming your way. At least, if you live in Mountain View, CA. And if you thought that being a religious leader protected you from automation, think again.

The Uber driver organization in NYC is not interested in seeing self-driving cars come to the city any time soon. Or maybe, at all.

When is being on strike even riskier than average? When you’re a prisoner, who is being exploited by some of America’s largest companies. These folks are brave.

Organizing Theory

Mobilisation Lab takes an in-depth look at the success of the Fight for 15’s model of directed network organizing.

From Partners

The Union Communications Services have started putting Steward Updates online—here’s the first version—engaging younger union members.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Instacart is partnering with Costco and Walmart in an on-demand office supply delivery venture.

The co-founder of Lyft posits that private car ownership will be all but over by 2025—and that’s good for cities.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

So you blurred-out your photo before putting it online. Guess what? Machine learning means it might not stay anonymous forever.

Geeking Out

This robot can read a book without opening the pages (which is useful, when you’re trying to read an antique book that you can’t open).


In SF? Check out this talk on Thursday on how to use games to solve the world’s problems.

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