“Meaningful input best follows from meaningful voice and ownership.”

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Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“Meaningful input best follows from meaningful voice and ownership.” The co-founder of food-sharing service Josephine explains why they’ve decided to give cooks equity (starting in 2017) in their platform.

Uber continues to get hammered for its discrimination against wheelchair-bound passengers.

Organizing Theory

I’m working on building a bot for FB Messenger, for a project at my day job. Would appreciate a chance to chat with any HTU readers who have experience with same. (Don’t know why bots are useful? Check out these two pieces.)

From Partners

Trebor Scholz & Nathan Schneider, organizers of last year’s Platform Coop conference, have organized a book made up of many of the talks given by presenters there. You can preorder it now.

Like the idea of a Universal Basic Income, but worried that it’s politically too hard to pass, because of the scourge of ‘lazy adult’ rhetoric? Check out TCF’s Andy Stettner, on why a universal child allowance makes sense for the US.

Geeking Out

The self-driving car dilemma (should it kill the passengers or pedestrians) isn’t a dilemma because of self-driving—it’s a dilemma because humans can’t agree on which lives have value.

I’m really hoping that technology will cure blindness (it’s only fair—increased screen time is definitely contributing to my worsening eyesight!).

Wondering when AI is going to pay off for you personally? Why not try a Gmail extension that claims to make your emails more effective?

What’s Going on in the Workforce

On a UBI vs. a Job Guarantee.

Uber’s move to start deploying self-driving cars in Pittsburgh is going to leave some of their staff very bored. Why? For legal reasons, a person still has to be behind the wheel—but Uber will want the passengers to interact with an iPad, not the driver. And in related Uber news—they’ve just purchased self-driving truck company Otto.

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