Household expenses are not covered because expense policies (and IRS codes) are still biased toward men.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Why do employers reimburse us for the things they reimburse for (and not for others)? Sexism plays a part.

Uber is facing legal action for the first time in the UK, over the question of whether they are an employer or not. In the Philippines, ALL applications for new ride-sharing vehicles have just been suspended by the government. And will Brexit be a boon to the gig economy?

Cue the “but Seattle is a special snowflake filled with unicorns” tweeting from people who won’t want to take this new data seriously.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The Obama Administration is investing in helping veterans and low-income households increase their access to rooftop solar.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The quantified self is all the rage—but so is the human behind the dataset.

Organizing Theory

Interesting look at the inner workings of Code for America. Some of the challenges of running a largely volunteer-led group of local organizations will be familiar to most of us.

I’m super-excited about this effort by white people to take on the burden of educating other whites not to be racist on social media.

From Partners

Friend-o-the-blog Stephen Lerner asks how unions can be involved with social movements that expand the scope and scale of what we’re organizing workers for.

Geeking Out

A 40-hour workweek isn’t optimal for high performance—especially if you’re over 40.

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