“There were three homeless workers at my WalMart.”

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This week, I interviewed Kristy Milland, a Mechanical Turk worker and crowd working labor activist. Watch here.

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What’s Going on in the Workforce

At its recent convention in Geneva, the ILO released this report on working conditions in the seafood industry (h/t to my colleagues Daniel, Jacob & JJ who contributed).

“There were three homeless workers at my Wal-Mart.” Meet the women of Pico Rivera who are at the heart of the campaign to push Wal-Mart to treat workers more fairly.

Are public sector workers the next group who could be disrupted by technology? Bots could streamline government interactions.

Organizing Theory

“…you realize every day, all day long somebody’s protesting something…” Ricochet on how live streaming video is changing protesting, and giving us context about how constant our protests are happening. (Since I hit 25,000 loops on Vine last night, this one hit home for me.)

From Partners

You know what I bet is really awesome? Austin in July. Head out there, and hit up the Worker Cooperative National Conference, July 29-31.

Labor lawyers! I know you have thoughts about the gig economy (or why else would you be here?)—why not submit a paper to this AALS meeting on “Classifying workers in the gig economy?”

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Cora Lewis interviews Andy Stern about his new book on UBI (look for an HTU interview with Andy soon!).

And speaking of UBI, in the first-ever (but probably not last) national vote, last week the Swiss rejected the idea of instituting a basic income.

Peter Barnes has some thoughts about whether basic income can ever come to the US.

Incubator 1776 has a good overview of the regulatory battles being fought over and about the “sharing” economy.

Geeking Out

Two centuries of US immigration, graphically (and hypnotizingly) depicted.

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