“Advertising is a system of surveillance now.”

Today in “business models that may make less sense than you think”


Reputation, reputation, reputation

“Advertising is a system of surveillance now.” That’s especially true when you’re talking about serving up anti-choice ads to pregnant women—which gets creepier when you do it on their phones, while they’re in a Planned Parenthood waiting room.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

There’s a lot of talk about how platform cooperatives could build alternatives to for-shareholder-profit companies. Here, Shareable takes a look at 11 of them, and what they’re up to.

Fortune suggests that, instead of basic income, maybe we should just pay poets for poetry and volunteers for volunteering. (I mean, there’s already that option in the private sector, right? Like, patronage?)

Pew just released a survey about Americans’ use, knowledge & feelings about on-demand economy services. Spoiler alert—most people haven’t used them yet.

Organizing Theory

Interesting concept: here’s Sum of Us’s take on a Style Guide for Progressives.

From Partners

Pennsylvania friends—join me at the Keystone Research Center’s 20th Anniversary Conference on June 8th & 9th, in Harrisburg!

What’s Going on in the Workforce

After Austin voters defeated Uber & Lyft at the polls last month, startup leaders in that city are launching a non-profit ride-sharing app that will comply with the city’s fingerprinting requirements.

In semi-related news, Waze just added ride-sharing to their app, in at least one market.

“We’ve designed an economy that makes it ever more difficult to land in the middle class.” A look at why long-haul trucking isn’t as “good” a job as it once was.

“It depends on which lawsuit you read.” Doesn’t everything, tho? David Dayen, on how Uber describes itself in contradictory ways, in different legal defenses.

Robot of the Week

The self-driving car is not quite at the place that you can turn your attention entirely away from the road. Much to this Tesla owner’s chagrin.

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