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Are you looking for a new way to put pressure on companies? Check out my interview with Eric Shih, founder of Spendrise, on a new way to organize consumers to support your work.

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Geeking Out

Automated donut making. Taking “time to make the donuts” to a whole new level.

And while we’re on the beautiful world of robots—how would you feel about an origami robot made out of pig intestine wandering through your stomach to fix a hole?

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Remember how McDonald’s got dinged by the Fight for 15 for paying their workers using debit cards, instead of checks? Well check out this new report from ROC, to find out what major restaurant chain has been doing that too, at their workers’ expense.

Great piece by Lauren Smiley that looks at the truth behind Uber’s claims to be protecting drivers from racism and sexism, by refusing to allow in-app tipping.

We don’t always think about how technology affects creative workers—but the way we watch TV now is very definitely affecting TV writers. Is that the next industry that will be “disrupted?”

From Partners

In the “doing God’s work department”—this new website allows you to sign up to get notices anytime a union buster files LM-20s.

Worker center folks—check out this opportunity with OSHA to fund your worker organizing through workplace health & safety training.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

June 5-11 will be Global Sharing Week. Sign up for your local tool library, folks!

Ride-sharing services are excluding the poor & elderly who lack smartphones. If they kill the taxi industry, who will take them places?

In the US, it can seem like Uber is winning the ride-sharing wars hands-down. But Apple just invested in a Chinese ride-sharing company that’s eating Uber’s lunch.

A federal credit union in Vermont just became the first in the nation to create an initiative specifically to invest in coops.

Organizing Theory

*apologies that last week, we had an item referring to a Coop Disco Tech as being organized by Danny Spielberg—it was Danny Spitzberg! Damn you, autocorrect…

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