“…they spent too much money in an inauthentic way.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Amazon Prime has been rolling out same-day delivery in lots of cities—but it’s been excluding majority-black neighborhoods, in some. This good expose of their data by Bloomberg News has caused them to already expand in New York, Chicago, & Boston.

“Between 2025-2030 the global workforce will decrease by 12 million workers per year.” Are migrant workers the answer to this problem?

“…they spent too much money in an inauthentic way.” You’ve probably already heard that Austin voters sent a clear signal that they want ride-sharing services to be safer, via a ballot initiative held on Saturday, despite spending nearly $9 million on electoral efforts. Here’s one supporter’s analysis of why they failed.

Check out Julia Carrie Wong’s excellent piece on the recent Uber settlement—and driver anger about feelings of being shortchanged.

Organizing Theory

Saket Soni of the National Guestworker Alliance offers some tips for those who are seeking to organize the new day laborers of the digital economy.

Danny Spitzberg, on the Co-Op Disco Tech he and others organized in Oakland on May Day.

Geeking Out

Can voice-altering technology reduce gender and racial bias in tech industry hiring?

I’m REALLY HOPING that I get to walk into a virtual room, as an avatar, and take notes on virtual butcher paper at least once before I retire.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Flattr is partnering with AdBlock to figure out new ways to let users pay for content—especially ad-hating users.

62% of British bosses think that the time has come to institute a 6-hour workday.

Is there a psychological argument in favor of Universal Basic Income?

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