“Movements that elevate the power of the participant tend to last longer.”

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Meet Don Chartier, who’s creating an app called HourVoice, for workers to track hours, get local legal advice, and rate their employers. Launching in Chicago this month.

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Organizing Theory

“Movements that elevate the power of the participant tend to last longer.” On hashtag organizing and the need to connect to real engagement. Notice I did not say “offline organizing.”

“Kill the notion of exclusive problem-solving by an agency and you’ll get more capabilities more quickly, and more innovation in your community.” It’s perhaps no surprise that folks from Palo Alto have a different way of incorporating tech into their local government’s solutions.

Great piece by Anil Dash on how technologists can work to secure the activist possibilities of social media.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

“Asking whether drivers should get compensated for the data they create when they’re ‘off duty’ is certainly a valid question.” Uber is using driver’s data, even when they don’t have a fare in the car.

I guess this was a logical evolution of the story I posted a few months ago, about contractors spying on construction workers with drones…

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The US Worker Coop Conference will be in beautiful, weird Austin this year. July 29-31.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Will women lose more jobs to automation than men will?

Workers Lab is investing in a new app for reporting workplace safety violations.

Amazon’s least-well-paid workers aren’t the folks who labor in their warehouses—they’re Mechanical Turks. What does it mean for academic institutions to be paying the equivalent of $2/hour for advancing research?

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