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Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
There are very few capitalists who will ever be featured on this blog in a positive way. But this guy gets a shout out, for not only raising the base pay at his company for every worker to $70K per year, but for doing it by cutting his own salary down to that much, too.  And if that’s not cool enough—he apparently decided to do it after he read this paper. Wonks of the world, rejoice!
How one British guy built a website to allow workers in the gig economy to have their employment rights protected—and for the British government to be able to collect taxes from itinerant employers.
Thinking about converting a business to a worker-owned coop? Here are some good case studies of businesses that successfully did just that.
Organizing Theory
Social giving is waxing, and email is waning, as a method for non-profits to generate support, according to this new report.
I wonder what lessons about supporter engagement non-profit campaigns could learn from the ways that for-profit companies use referral programs?
Geeking Out
If you wonder what a world without net neutrality would look like, look no further than India, where Facebook is running an experiment in providing free data to the poor. But guess what company’s websites are most featured?
Can you patent a system for developing a personality? Apparently you can, if you’re Google. Too bad I didn’t know that when my kids were younger.
What’s Going on in the Workforce?
McDonald’s orders more touchscreens, to take orders in the EU.  And while we’re on the topic of robotic service workers, meet the machine that might pour your next beer.

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