“…at the end of the day, it’s all just organizing.”

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And on that note—Douglas Williams had a new post, last week, about federalism and labor’s political priorities.

Organizing Theory
Can we make people care more about inequality? Apparently we can, though mostly it just makes them want to raise the minimum wage.
“…at the end of the day, it’s all just organizing.” How smaller activist groups can build a digital profile that rivals big ones, in terms of member engagement.
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
I mean, come on. You know you haven’t read enough counterfactual analysis about the economic value of the sharing economy yet.
Is it the sharing economy? or the shut-in economy? or maybe even, the shut-out economy?
Reputation, reputation, reputation
It’s fair to say that most of us will probably want to be able to Skype with the grandchildren, if we end up living in a nursing home. But what are the implications of video-enabled cameras for workers? or other residents?
Geeking Out
Here’s a pretty cool tool that some Brits put together, to monitor the kinds of leaflets that are being created during electoral campaigns, across the whole spectrum of political opinion.
While I’m geeking out about things from the Emerald Isle, here’s a story about an exhibit featuring items from various protest movements that sounds pretty cool.
What’s Going on in the Workforce?
Amazon sponsors contest to create robots that can replace more of the humans in their warehouses.

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