“…as much leverage as cows on a dairy farm.”

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What’s Going on in the Workforce?
“…writ­ers who limit them­selves to pro­vid­ing “con­tent” for some­one else’s “branded plat­form” are go­ing to end up with as much lever­age as cows on a dairy farm.” On Medium and the push for making every piece of content look the same.
In the next round of “people who don’t think they’re employers, but probably are,” I give you—Instacart.
Argentinian workers have been turning “recovered” businesses into worker-owned cooperatives. These are businesses that closed or went bankrupt, due to bad economic conditions during their country’s economic crisis in the last decade.
Geeking Out
So you’re looking for a list of the bad-assest women to ever fight for labor rights in the US, in honor of Women’s History Month? Look no further.
Reputation, reputation, reputation
Why is data-anonymizing important? Well, imagine that your next date gets served up ads based on your most recent google searches, while scrolling through your Hulu account…
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
“Between the recession (which is only over if you were making real money to begin with) and the crushing of our spirits by death-ray-wielding, 40-foot-high titanium monsters, perhaps there’s time to reimagine society.” I say that to myself almost every day…
You know what’s a much better name for the robot apocalypse? Fully automated luxury communism. Shouts out to both Joe Dinkin & Matt Ewing for sending this one in. You know who wants to support Universal Basic Income in order to fix it? Tech website Fast Company.
Should we support the sharing economy, or sharing per se? Your answer might be different, depending on where you sit.

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