“We are slowly entering the robotic revolution…”

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“We are slowly entering the robotic revolution…” Look, there are even charts!  And technologist Martin Ford points out that automation and worker fears of replacement may lead to deflation as well.

Excellent piece from Forbes on the hazards that sharing economy workers face AFTER they get hurt at work.

If robots have temp agencies, can a robot union be far behind?

Sarcasm is a beautiful thing. Henry Blodget cheers on capital for “crushing” labor, and laments the probably outcome.

Geeking Out
Are you ready to drive your car with your watch?
There’s something strangely compelling about a robot with 3D vision
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Can combining time banks & coops help to meet your community’s needs?
Reputation, reputation, reputation
Maybe we should replace “don’t be evil” with “don’t be creepy” as an internet age mantra? Until then, campaigns will be scraping your grocery receipts to target you.
The FBI thinks it doesn’t need a warrant to spy on your cell phone in public. Think about that at your next demonstration.
Organizing Theory
“Political squatting” helps win campaigns for fair housing in England.
From Partners
Philly folks—David Dylan Thomas is giving a talk at Penn on January 29th—details here. We interviewed David back in September of last year…
And for those of you in DC—The Century Foundation is having a conference on solutions to child poverty, on January 22.
This week brings another installment of In These Times updates on Stud Terkel’s Working—here’s the Adjunct Instructor.

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