Cooperativ-izing the sharing economy

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Lisa Gansky wrote a compelling piece on how “sharing economy” companies should take a page from worker coops on investing in their producers. Trebor Schulz also has some thoughts about how to organize sharing economy platforms more like cooperatives.
Audi has piloted a new kind of car sharing in Sweden, where people who live in the same neighborhood can share a car.
Task Rabbit made major changes to the way it ran its business, earlier this year. Here’s a good piece on what that’s meant for users of both sides of the platform.
Want to know what the average ride-sharing platform driver makes in a year? Check out this post.
Geeking Out
I bet you can’t wait to go to the hardware store and be waited on by a robot. I personally can’t wait for the day that I don’t have to have hammers explained to me. (Unless that’s part of the UX?)
Organizing Theory
Is live-streaming protests journalism? or activism?
Participatory budgeting, at the state or local level, can help reduce infant mortality.

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