“The future of labour in the robot age has everything to do with capitalism.”

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What’s Going on in the Workforce?

It’s not just robot waiters that are bringing tech to restaurants. It’s the ability to crunch data that some chains are finding very attractive. But while we’re on the topic of food and robots—check out GoCart, a robotic food delivery system for nursing homes and other elder care facilities.

“The future of labour in the robot age has everything to do with capitalism.” Welp. Yes.

Are there GOOD ways for computer scheduling to work in retail and restaurant situations? Harvard Biz Review thinks you can make it work for employees and profit motives.

“The autonomous nature of labour is not unique to its unwaged digital variant.” A paper on unwaged digital labor? Yes, thanks, I will.

The Freelancers’ Union just put out a new paper looking at the 50M+ Americans who work, in some way, as freelancers.

If anyone should be able to explain why net neutrality is a workers’ rights issue, it should be someone who runs an online marketplace. Check out this piece by the CEO of Etsy.

Is it time for a four-day workweek? The folks at Social Media Week say yes.

Geeking Out

Visually disabled people are in the vanguard of using tech to make life more accessible. We’ll all be needing these advances, as we age–especially if we want to count on technology to help us make it through life.

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