Would you buy “Inglorious Vegetables”?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

One French supermarket chain had an idea about how to reduce food waste—by selling “Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables.” And while we’re on the topic of food waste—what if the leftover grounds from your local coffee shop could be turned into home heating fuel?

Australian Ikea and AirBnB are teaming up for a promotion where the winner gets to spend the night in an Ikea. Sharing meatballs, I suppose?

Uber is taking on Google & Amazon with its new on-demand delivery service.

Organizing Theory

Most of this post, by Quinn Norton, on what to bring with you when covering a protest is as good for activists as it is for journalists.

From Partners

Politics nerds: NGP VAN is expanding their dominance of data! Let’s all be happy about this, it seems amazing.

In NY? Why not hit this forum on how to impact global supply chains, on September 11th. http://bit.ly/1p2i2Ae

Geeking Out

The UK is about to launch a GPS system that can locate you down to the the centimeter.

The Verge takes a jokey look back, from 2035, on the development of self-driving transportation.

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: net neutrality is a workers’ rights issue. Video creators have just launched a new site to talk about why it matters to them.

I kinda don’t understand how the NFL thinks they are exempt from state labor laws. But this is why cheerleaders don’t even make minimum wage, in most places.

Shorten the workweek? Sure. But why do we have to maintain 40 hours?

The European Freelancers’ Movement is writing a new book on independent worker rights. They’ve just released the first five chapters, and are crowd-sourcing funding to pay for the rest.


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