“It’s not terribly uplifting to think that the future of labor is delivering stuff to rich people.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“It’s not terribly uplifting to think that the future of labor is delivering stuff to rich people.” On the “new” kinds of workers, in our new economy.

Read the public testimony of four co-op owner/workers who testified before New York City Council, and eventually helped to win an historic $1.2M investment in co-op development.

1,000 units of robot bartender that let you order a drink from across the room, or put a tiki bar in your restaurant, now on order. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

If your gig in the gig economy involves international travel, it could also involve free housing with this new service.

Guerrilla gardening is one way to build a more sustainable world—even in Guantanamo.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

In France, you can be sued for posting a bad review that damages a business online. In the UK, the business might go under, instead.

A fascinating infographic about what Americans believe whether social media networks can be trusted with their private information.

Organizing Theory

Online voter reg tool TurboVote has just partnered with 27 colleges & universities in Florida, to increase civic engagement among young, particularly first-time, voters.

Final Thoughts

“The language of money is a powerful tool, and it is also a tool of power. Incomprehension is a form of consent. If we allow ourselves not to understand this language, we are signing off on the way the world works today—in particular, we are signing off on the prospect of an ever-widening gap between the rich and everyone else, a world in which everything about your life is determined by the accident of who your parents are. Those of us who are interested in stopping that from happening need to learn how to measure the Nile for ourselves.”

“Money Talks,” John Lancaster, New Yorker August 4, 2014

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