“It costs more to have an Internet connection in your house per month than the casual worker on MTurk can make in 30 days.”

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Did your lawn get mowed this weekend, by you or someone else? Check out Wyatt Closs’s new piece “A Cut Above: The Workonomics of Grass.”

What’s Going On in the Workforce?

“It costs more to have an Internet connection in your house per month than the casual worker on MTurk can make in 30 days.” In 2009, Jason Huff launched an artistic project to get Mechanical Turk workers to tell their stories. Five years later, he went back to that well to see if and how things had changed.

Veteran journalist Karl Hodge takes a look at life from the perspective of a freelancer, in the age of Oodesk, Elance, and other apps.  And Stas Zoblinski talks about why we should all take a chance on building our own businesses, because “Corporations Will Eat You for Breakfast.”

Sometimes, even when your app makes money, you still have to lay off all your staff.

Watch NYU B-School professor Scott Galloway shred this robotics industry executive on the question of whether people’s jobs are being replaced by robots.

Geeking Out

You may have already figured out who gets your stuff, after you’re not here anymore. But do you know who might inherit your email? A new set of state laws may make this clearer. (As for me—hey, my kids don’t read their own email—what are they going to do with mine?)

As someone who has personally used both exercise and calorie tracking apps, I was disconcerted to see this new report from the FTC about how those apps might be selling very personal data about you to ad companies.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Civic crowd funding has become a larger & larger trend. This MIT student has been looking at the success rate & average size of proposals in this sector, for the past two years. Here are the results of his research.

These Greek factory workers took over their factory after it had been abandoned by the boss, and started a worker-coop that makes environmentally-friendlier products than what they made before the crash.

Wouldn’t it be cool if every road in the US was paved with solar panels? These folks are crowd-funding to perfect that tech.

Can co-ops become the dominant form of enterprise in the sharing economy?

Organizing Theory

Industry-leading email newsletter provider (and the host for this fine list) MailChimp has a great internal website to let their staff know what kind of tone to use in writing for every possible circumstance. Does your organization help staff figure out how to write for different parts of the web?

And speaking of email—are you looking for good examples of, say, an announcement email? Check out Really Good Emails.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Is it too late to opt out of world-wide facial recognition?

Apple, I love you. Mostly. But you’re starting to seriously creep me out.

“Devices which are networked or controlled by a corporation therefore cannot form part of an individual’s extended body.” Interesting polemic on the consequences of wearable tech, from the folks at Stop the Cyborgs.

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Need to do a video conference with a group that includes English and Spanish speakers? USiLive’s got your hookup for video conference meetings that involve interpreters.

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