“The relentless pursuit of efficiency is what capitalism does best…”

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“The relentless pursuit of efficiency is what capitalism does best…” So how about just calling the sharing economy “the economy?” Thanks, Noah Ready-Campbell.

Set up a tech worker cooperative? Here’s a pretty incredible thread of folks talking about that idea.

I’ve been wondering about the impact of worker-owned co-ops on racial inequality on the job—so was very excited to see this interview, on Shareable.

Geeking Out

There’s been a lot written about the perils of new FCC rules that may undermine net neutrality. For anyone who works with online technology—whether you’re an organizer or a worker who relies on tech to do some crucial part of your job—it’s an important issue. Not sure why? Read these things.

Organizing Theory

Is your organization’s website optimized for mobile? Do you have an app for that? Eric Lee from Labour Start explains why you really want to focus on this.

The New York Rescue Mission got help from a professional ad agency to create a campaign called Make them Visible that asks the question: “if you walked by a member of your family on the street, dressed as a homeless person, would you notice them?” Powerful stuff.

What’s Going On in the Workforce?

What’s going on in the workforce? Increasingly, in the US, income inequality. I’m sure you’ve seen this epic report from Demos, documenting how the fastest-growing sectors in our economy are also the ones with greatest inequality. Want fries with that?

Really, an article about cows that milk themselves, robotically, has got to be great. But then it included this line: “”‘Most milking parlors, you see, you really only see the back end of the cow,’ Mr. Borden’s father, Tom, said. ‘I don’t see that as building up much of a relationship.’”

For all the conversation about NCAA athletes unionizing, I haven’t heard a ton about recently-activist cheerleaders. And yet, with reasons like these, you can see why they might.

It’s clear (at least to me) that one of the fastest-growing industries looking for help from robots is food service…$1.60/day to run a robot chef in China?

Amazon may be setting up their own delivery service, to compete with UPS and FedEx.

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