Help build a community for justice.

Do you want to help launch the start-up phase of this effort to build an online community for economic justice in the 21st century?

I’m going to spend the next few months talking to people who are thinking about the future of work, and worker organizing. If you’re in one of the following categories, I’d love to talk to you—if you know someone who is, I’d love an introduction. And if you’re doing work that doesn’t exactly get described here, but still seems relevant—let me know what you’re doing!

*Non-traditional worker organizing (ie—does not seek to go to a union election overseen by the National Labor Relations Board or similar body)

*Inside the labor movement, but doing non-traditional work (Fast Food Forward, Wal-Mart campaign, etc.)

*Folks who are organizing the unemployed around economic demands

People who are organizing worker co-ops, and thinking about how to keep (or bring back) capital in our communities.

*Academic or other thought leader that is studying the 21st century economy

*Funders who are interested in economic justice work

*Tech industry types who are interested in work and change organizing

*Journalists who cover labor- or worker-organizing

For the most part, I’ll be doing interviews via google hangouts or Skype, though I do have a limited travel budget—so I’m also curious to hear about conferences happening over the summer or fall where there might be groups of these folks.