All week she’s cleaned someone else’s house, stared down her own face in the shine of copper– bottomed pots, polished wood…


Original Content
Last week, I got a chance to talk to Australian labor activist Tim Lyons, about his recent paper.
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Reputation, reputation, reputation
It’s hard to manage your reputation online, in the gig economy, especially for domestic workers who may face sexual harassment at work.


Geeking Out
How I learned to stop worrying and love automation? Two words. Cake Bot.
What’s Going on in the Workforce
It’s been a while since we’ve had an article about manufacturing via 3D printing—so here’s one that should make you a tiny bit worried, if you’re involved in heavy manufacturing via the aviation industry.
In an interesting (and some might say, out of character) twist, Amazon has decided to directly hire housecleaners as employees, instead of independent contractors, for their marketplace app in Seattle.
Uber is not renewing their permit to test self-driving cars in California.  They’re also shutting down their delivery service, Uber Rush, in June.
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Waymo announced last week that, as of 2020, they’ll have the capacity for a million driverless trips per day. Alexis Madrigal has some thoughts about what we should consider BEFORE that happens.
In an interesting mashup of Strike Debt and performance art, these London artists are creating fake money to sell for real money to buy real people’s debt and then forgive it.
Interesting interview with two of the leaders of Cooperation Richmond, which is looking to promote sustainable, worker-owned businesses in Richmond, CA.

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