Who says the blue collar dudes can’t go green?

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Irish shipbuilders have seized control of the last shipyard in Belfast, demanding that it transition to manufacture renewable energy infrastructure

The Fight for $15 has adopted a new tactic in efforts to unionize fast food workers—looking at chains that are in state-run highway rest stops. 

“If we have a contract and some evidence that work was done, [an allegation of wage-theft] is not a long conversation.” The Minneapolis city council is considering expanding their wage theft lawsto freelancers and independent contractors. 

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Are you a budding graphic designer? Do you work with one? Check out Social Movement Tech’s apprenticeship for graphic designers

Geeking Out

And while we’re on the subject of graphic design, if you’re a geek for letter press printing or other typefaces, check out the work of this Black type designer, who has made fonts based on the handwritten signs of important civil rights leaders and protest movements

What’s Going on in the Workforce

You are probably working more than your medieval ancestorsdid,  unless maybe you are Finnish

Time Magazine takes a look at the fight for fair wagesin America’s restaurant industry. 

“…if you’re driving Lyft or Uber, almost by definition you can’t afford to live in a high rent area, but of course most rides are in high rent areas. So almost by design, most of the drivers are living far away from where they’re working, and when you get them so exhausted that they can’t drive home, it sounds like they’re essentially living out of their cars for how many days a week.” A tech reporter discovers the joy of talking to ride-share drivers, in the run up to this week’s action in support of AB5. 

Last week, a district court ruled that Amazon delivery drivers aren’t bound by the arbitration agreement in their contracts, and can join a class-action suit around misclassification, against the company. 

Reputation, reputation, reputation

“Own your data” for drivers is different from “own your data” for social media users. Discuss. 


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