It’s not every week that Congress moves to protect workers…

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Last week was a big week for federal legislation to protect workers, with the Fight for 15’s victory in passing the House,  as well as the introduction of a federal Domestic Workers Bill of Rights,  and a new bill to stop private equity from looting newly-acquired companies for at least two years .

From Partners

The Workers Lab put out their request for proposals for 2019. 

A good guide to infosec practices in organizing workers, put out by the folks at Whole Worker. 

Geeking Out

Robots are performing IVF on coral reefs, to save them from destruction. 

What’s Going on in the Workforce

ICYMI, last week former Toys R Us execs announced that they are bringing the company back into brick-and-mortar retail sales. Sort of. Also, see that third story back in the SS & S section of today’s newsletter. 

If you were interested in, say, organizing warehouse workers, you could do worse than come to Pennsylvania. (Please, someone, do this!) Here, the mid-state’s biggest paper takes a look at 96 distribution centers in and around Harrisburg

Another day, another story about how gig economy companies are using tips in lieu of paying wages to fill out workers’ checks

“Public demonstrations often occur when employees have exhausted internal methods of raising concerns and hope to exert more pressure on the management.” Workers are walking out of work to protest employers’ practices, and Newsweek is on it. 

Reputation, reputation, reputation

I can’t wait until I can wear face jewelry to protect my privacy at every demonstration I decide to go to. Cool cool cool. 

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