“We must make a preemptive strike to replace the job system with a life system.”

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“We must make a preemptive strike to replace the job system with a life system.” This Black History Month, learn more about solidarity economy pioneer James Boggs.

New Jersey’s new governor says ISPs that do business with the state have to follow net neutrality rules for all their customers in the state.

Until reading this piece, I didn’t fully understand how my credit card rewards are directly coming from a system that charges poor people more than rich ones.

Organizing Theory

In Philly & want to learn more about data journalism? Come to this talk next Monday night.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

You’d think that the platform economy would at least be able to get rid of gender pay inequity—if the app is setting the pay rate, eliminating the need for any individual worker to negotiate. But these researchers looked at the records of a million ride share drivers, and found that a gender pay gap still exists (though it’s much smaller than the one in the general public).

Price Waterhouse Cooper looks at potential automation in 29 countries, and thinks that jobs mainly held by women will get hit first, but jobs mainly held by men will be hit harder, long-term.

A driverless car company just got permission to start operating a ride-sharing service in Arizona.

Taxi drivers in Seoul formed a worker-owned coop.

Airbnb claims to have a semi-unionized workforce, after the UAW wins elections in their contracted-to-Bon Appetit company cafeterias.

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