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Some initial thoughts on what the map of our movement looks like, at this moment—and what it means for winning economic justice fights, in the age of Janus.

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What’s Going on in the Workforce

Today in #robotwork: Walmart starts using self-driving cleaning equipment in some stores.

The Department of Labor is reaffirming the idea that a person can be an employee of more than one employer. I know, it seems like a duh moment, but it’s important.

Just in time for Black Friday, the Aspen Institute put out this report about trends in retail employment.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Think you’re safe from being tracked by Google, if you’ve got Location Services turned off on your Android phone? Nope.

State Attorneys General are investigating Uber, after the company announced it’s been covering up a hack that exposed customers’ data.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Georgia has joined the list of states calling for Amazon to collect sales taxes on products they sell for third-party sellers on their site.  And in other Amazon news, Chicago’s HQ2 proposal apparently allows the company to keep income taxes that they collect on their employees’ behalf. So yes, workers will be paying taxes to the boss. I’m sure that Jeff Bezos will be paying taxes on all of his enormous income, though.

Could New Jersey become only the second US state to open a public bank? With the election of Phil Murphy as the next governor, it just became a little more real.

As we watch the big internet companies fight it out over Net Neutrality once again, take heart in seeing how communities in Detroit are building their own internet connections.

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