The 28-hour workweek? I’m there.


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What’s Going on in the Workforce

Germany’s unions are fighting for a 28-hour workweek. Could the UK do it too?

Las Vegas debuted a free, self-driving shuttle last week. Unfortunately, it was involved in a fender bender on its first day in action.

Do you still go to malls? If so, do you ever stop at kiosks to buy things? Here’s what life is like, for a mall kiosk worker.

This guy pays his employees up to $2,000 per year to go on vacation.

Uber wants to know what other kinds of on-demand services their drivers would be willing to perform.

From Partners

The coalition of scientists & AI researchers who oppose autonomous weapons just put out a new barely sci-fi video.

Geeking Out

You know all those people who scoff, “we won’t have self-driving cars until 2030!”? Show them this.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Local coops are helping fight inequality.

Great piece on what unions can do to fight sexual harassment.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Perhaps the best walk-through I’ve read of how Facebook’s “People You May Know” connects you to people you haven’t told Facebook you might know.

Should we get rid of social security numbers?

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