Friends without benefits?

Reputation, reputation, reputation

A bot created by Microsoft has now had billions of conversations with humans, in the guise of a 17 year old girl.

Great piece by Tressie McMillan that breaks down how your drug store loyalty card might be influencing the kinds of loans you can get—or education you can access.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Bloomberg imagines the journey of a pair of sneakers, from manufacture to end consumer, after the entire supply chain is automated.

From Partners

Our friends at NELP put out this guide to receiving disaster unemployment insurance, in the wake of Harvey & Irma.

The Century Foundation and National Domestic Workers Alliance partnered on this report about how to improve retirement savings among some of the most vulnerable workers in our society.

Geeking Out

Interesting look at how organizers in Barcelona built a platform for civic participation—and how they are dealing with the digital divide.

h/t to my colleague Stephen Boykewich, for pointing out this article about a new way to learn economics.

The Perils of Trumpism

There’s rarely good news out of the Department of Labor these days—but they have just announced grants to help workers dislocated by Hurricane Irma.


In Denver? Check out this event next week, featuring friend-o-the-blog Nathan Schneider.

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