This is your brain on the 4-hour workday

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Maybe there’s some scientific evidence behind the idea of moving to a 4-hour workday.

Larry Summers advocates pro-worker labor law reform. No, really.

“The dependence of the market on state planning is fundamental; the jobs you have are ones that the state has allowed to exist.” In other words, does a basic income make any less sense than forcing everyone to work?

Over the weekend, my phone refused to stop blowing up, thanks to some amplification that my friends at the Fight for 15 & Jacobin Magazine provided. I guess this Pizza Hut franchise owner didn’t have a very much chill during the run up to Hurricane Irma. My crazy Twitter obsession is vindicated.

Organizing Theory

The Intlawgrrls blog makes a good case for why workers’ rights protection—particularly around compensation for on-the-job injuries—should be included in free trade agreements.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Interesting piece by Civic Hall Labs on the lessons they’ve learned in attempting to create a culture of “pro bono tech.”

Last week, Airbnb launched their Living Wage Pledge, asking hosts to publicly declare whether they pay their house cleaners (if they use them) $15/hour. In other Airbnb news, they also became the first tech company to announce that they would keep employing Dreamers, even after their work visas expire.

Universal healthcare? There’s an app for that. And a VC firm, too.

Can behavioral science help non-profits deliver more services to the poor?

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